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Investment Management

Alternative Asset Management

When it comes to complex investment requirements Absa Alternative Asset Management provides innovative solutions.


We understand that you have unique investment needs that cannot always be met by standard portfolio products or solutions.

We specialise in structuring portfolios and strategies that draw on the strengths of index related (index tracking and enhanced index), alpha generating (Smart Alpha), absolute return, protection overlay, hedge fund and other alternative investments.

Our goal is to meet your investment objectives with a high degree of certainty, in a cost effective way, using a range of traditional and non-traditional in-house building blocks.

We understand that risk tolerance is an important consideration for you. Our products reflect this philosophy, offering you a range of options dependent on your risk, but with the ultimate goal of delivering investment returns above their relevant market benchmarks.


Supporting Information

You can view our factsheets by clicking on the relevant documents.


Product Offering

We offer a number of solutions designed to meet your specific investment profile and needs

Absa Smart Alpha

Our Smart Alpha investment strategies are based on actively distributing risk across a range of factors in a manner that delivers returns above recognised market benchmarks. We have a number of innovative solutions that cater to different risk profiles and expected investment periods.

Absa Smart Alpha portfolios include:

Applications to invest in the Smart Alpha range of unit trusts can be made via the website or investors can contact Absa Unit Trusts on 0860 111 456 or e-mail

Met Capital Preserver Plus Unit Trust

This fund is designed to deliver attractive, long-term real returns and limited shorter term capital loss. It is focused on preserving capital and providing inflation-beating returns through significant exposure to equity markets.

Applications to invest can be made via the or investors can phone 0860 111 899 or e-mail

AAM Fixed Income Hedge Fund

The fund seeks to produce consistent returns in excess of cash over the medium term, regardless of the prevailing interest rate environment.

For new investments, please contact or phone 021 927 6411

Overlay protection and alpha transport strategies

Our overlay strategies are designed to optimise clients’ investment portfolios through return enhancement and market risk management.

We have a proven track record of implementing overlay strategies that use derivative instruments in order to achieve downside protection without relinquishing the underlying assets, or to gain exposure to a specific asset class.

Liability Driven Investment (LDI) mandated portfolios

Suitable for defined benefit pension funds, post-retirement medical aid liabilities and other cases in which future cash flows can be projected, these portfolios are bespoke solutions that aim to match specific future liabilities.

AAM Secured Absolute Return Strategies

These solutions are for investors who are looking for capital protection, but also for inflation beating returns through significant exposure to equity markets.

We develop pooled and client-specific strategies using a combination of equities, bonds and money markets. These Absolute Return Strategies provide a compelling alternative to traditional investments such as money market, low to medium equity balanced, traditional smoothed bonus and absolute return portfolios.

For new investments, please contact or phone 021 927 6403

In addition, we offer a range of different portfolios that cater to a wide variety of investment goals and profiles:

  • Absa Protected Accumulator

  • AAM Smart GOVI Portfolios (segregated mandates only)

  • AAM Smart ILBI Portfolios (segregated mandates only)

  • AAM Secured Return Portfolios – 5 Year Linked Endowment Policy

  • AAM Fixed Income, Commodity and Equity Hedge Fund Portfolios


Compliance and Risk Management

We recognise that investment is about more than simply the financial returns. We are therefore committed to upholding exacting levels of governance and compliance and conducting our business to the highest ethical standards.

We comply with the globally adopted standards as set out in the annual ISAE 3402 Type 2 audit review, which is further evidence of our commitment to investors that we have appropriate and effective controls in place.


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