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Funds Fact Sheets (MDDs)

We offer a wide range of local and international equity, asset allocation, fixed interest and money market funds.

Our monthly Minimum Disclosure Documents contain all the relevant fund and portfolio related information. Click on the links below to access the Minimum Disclosure Documents, as per asset class.

Absa Protected Accumulator

The Absa Protected Accumulator portfolio provides exposure to local bond and equity markets whilst protecting capital at all times.

The portfolio declares monthly bonuses which are guaranteed to the non-negative and once declared cannot be taken away. The objective of the portfolio is to provide investors with returns in excess of CPI + 4% over a rolling 3-year period.

The portfolio has a secondary objective of outperforming money market returns by a significant margin over the medium to long term, in all market conditions.

The fund provides monthly liquidity with no termination charges. The Absa Protected Accumulator Portfolio is available exclusively as an investment choice on the AIMS Living Annuity, Retirement Annuity and Preservation Fund.


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