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Linked Investments

About Linked Investments

Our investment platform offers you access to our range of Unit Trusts as well as a wide range of Unit Trusts from other fund providers and exchange traded funds (ETFs) as underlying options.


Our core focus is on delivering administration and quality service to our clients. Investing on the AIMS platform offers the following benefits:

  • A single view of your investment portfolio

  • Consolidated investment reporting

  • No penalties relating to stopping your contributions to your retirement annuity fund

  • Wide range of investment options

  • Easy to understand investment solutions

  • Transparent fee and investment structures

  • Flexible investment terms

Investment information is obtained by means of:

  • 24 hour access to statements, valuations and transactional history.

  • A dedicated client service team

  • Detailed and consolidated quarterly investment statements

We have developed a range of electronic advice tools that assist the financial adviser with identifying the most appropriate solution for their clients' investment needs. The tools allow for the generation of a comprehensive investment proposal and illustrative quotations.


How can we help you?

If you are new to Linked Investments, call us on: 0860 000 005

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