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Linked Investments

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Our Linked Investments Services Provider (LISP) offers a wide range of investment and retirement solutions that meet your investment needs prior to and during retirement.

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Personal Share

Our Personal Share Portfolio offers you a great way to invest your savings by directly owning shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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These solutions are ideal for investors who have voluntary savings to invest on a regular or ad hoc basis and want flexibility in structuring their portfolio.

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Guaranteed Outcome

The Guaranteed Outcome offer investors great certainty by providing guaranteed returns from Absa Bank.

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The Offshore Investment Account allows investors to diversify their portfolio in terms of geographic regions, currencies and asset classes.

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These solutions offer members a versatile and tax effective vehicle through which to make the necessary provision for their retirement years.

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The Absa Islamic Investment Plan is a versatile ethical investment product that caters for the achievement of diverse investment objectives.

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