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Investment Management

Multi Management

It is no secret that any successful investment strategy is informed by the need for diversification to mitigate risk.


At Absa Multi Management, we understand that you may not possess the resources to apply this philosophy to your investments effectively. Which is why we employ a team of top investment professionals so that you don’t have to.

Our range of multi-managed portfolio solutions have become the preferred answer to some of the country’s top pension and provident funds, medical aids, trusts, collective investment schemes and other institutions.

Our commitment to delivering the best investment returns through portfolio management excellence is enhanced by our support services to financial service providers, which include investment manager selection, portfolio design and management, and performance and risk analysis.

Our active involvement in the selection, blending and performance management of all the portfolios offered has resulted in consistent, and sustainable market-beating performance over the long term that has contributed to our diverse clients confidently building and preserving wealth.


Our Investment Philosophy

At Absa Multi Management our success is based on our sound investment philosophy, our strong focus on investment processes, and on our diverse team of individuals with a common goal.

We recognise that each of our asset managers has a specific area of expertise in terms of asset allocation, sector rotation, stock selection and investment style, and that no single manager can consistently outperform across all asset classes all the time.

We also know that different strategies are required for specific market circumstances. We apply the most appropriate investment strategies to each stage of the investment cycle in order to capitalise on the opportunities they present.

Our investment philosophy centres on harnessing the collective expertise of specialist investment managers effectively and blending our managers and strategies during the initial and on-going portfolio management process.

Benefits of Multi Managed Solutions

We are committed to helping you achieve your specific investment objectives by providing a robust solution that balances investment performance and risk management. This requires an actively multi-managed investment portfolio providing an all-in-one solution that is simultaneously simple and flexible, and able to deliver the long-term benefits of prudent asset allocation.

As an Absa Multi Management client, you will have access to proven investment strategies and be able to leverage the advantages our approach delivers.

These advantages include:

Portfolio Diversification

Our active management of the funds results in portfolios structured to reap the benefits inherent in different asset classes, geographies and currencies.

Access to the Best Investment Skills

We take on the responsibility of identifying and working with the best asset managers in the market in terms of asset allocation, sector rotation, stock selection and investment style.

Blending Investment Styles and Strategies

Our homegrown expertise is applied to blending the different managers and strategies to capitalise on the opportunities unlocked through various investment cycles.


Active multi management demands that we continually assess and rebalance the asset classes and underlying managers to ensure compliance with the investment mandate and performance.

Coordinated Approach

We believe in developing a holistic view of all portfolios that allows us to assess and manage portfolio risks.

Risk and Return

By using a sound quantitative and qualitative framework, we are able to optimise portfolio performance by generating investment returns at the appropriate levels of risk.

Cost effectiveness

Multi managed portfolios provide economies of scale through the pooling of investors’ money, bulk buying of investment assets and the convenience of a single portfolio solution.

Ongoing monitoring

Our ability to constantly monitor the underlying managers reduces the risk of a loss of focus on the overall financial planning objectives.

Administrative convenience

Our holistic view, active management and access to the best managers reduces the investment administration burden, while assuring you of the returns you deserve.


Understanding our Products

We offer a range of retail collective investment schemes, institutional portfolios, targeted return and lifestyle investment portfolios designed to cater to the full spectrum of retirement investment needs.

We place particular emphasis on looking after our clients through exceptional service that aims to ensure their long-term investment goals will be achieved. Leading financial service providers rely on Absa Multi Management to guide them on investment manager selection, portfolio design and management as well as performance and risk analysis.

Protect Wealth

We can help you prepare for a changing future by protecting your wealth now. Any number of changing circumstances can cause your wealth to diminish, some inevitable and some unpredictable. New taxes and legislation, volatile markets, inflation, changes in your personal life, everyday risks such as fire and theft... One thing is certain – you need to plan to protect your wealth.

We can work with you to help structure your wealth in a way that minimises the impact of changes. We can help you diversify your assets to spread risk, or discuss trusts that could protect your wealth locally and abroad. We may be able to introduce you to tax experts to help you minimise your current and future tax liabilities.

We will also try to help you find a balance of protection and flexibility. Protecting your wealth needs to be done in a way that doesn’t cause its own problems such as barring you from access to your capital for fixed periods when you may need access to it.

It’s your life. A plan to protect your wealth will help ensure you to live it according to your priorities.

Use and Enjoy Wealth

Wealth creates possibilities. We can help you use your wealth to get what you want from your life. Everyone enjoys using their wealth in different ways. For you, it might be the joy of travel, helping others through philanthropy, sharing your success with family and friends or your passion for collecting. It might be the simple freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Whatever your priorities, we can help you use your wealth by ensuring it’s working for you now and is structured to be flexible for the future.

That might mean unlocking the value of your wealth by borrowing against assets you want to keep, even with specialised lending for items such as yachts and planes. It might mean helping you manage your wealth alongside your international lifestyle - with day to day banking, international mortgages or property services.


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